Fun trip with the best route

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You want to travel to somewhere and you want it to be a fun trip, especially you do not want to drive you have to go through the lost and misdirected. For information about planning your trip to OkAnyWay you can get the right route and find the shortest route for your journey.

You certainly do not want to trip your vacation or business trip interrupted just because it is too long on the road, is the solution to determine the shortest route, your holiday trip will be fun because the okanyway you can find the right destination. In you can also specify the driving time and distance and direction of course it could be from anywhere.

You can use and enjoy okanyway wayscore with route planning services to find directions, hotels, gas stations, and other places that you need in your trip.

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Vessel that will be taking you to the best journey of your life

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Blue cruise in Turkey is known as the trip of Turkish Riviera and its coasts in a sailing vessel. In the past, gulets were used in this trip. However, these days yacht can also be hired to take you to the blue cruise. It is up to you to decide which vessel will be taking you to this quest. Both these vessels have their own advantage and interesting factor. Let’s know more about these vessels.

  • Gulet:

In the past, gulet was a wooden boat that was used for sailing and fishing. Obviously, it did not have much comfort and also had a fishy smell. As blue cruise started to be one of the popular tourism activities; the gulets were modified to fit the comfort of the people. These vessels were fitted with all the equipments and services that made the people’s vacation enjoyable. Despite all the modifications, it is still a wooden boat. Normally, it is built from a pine wood. The decks of the boat are used to sun bathe, lounge and dine. The number of cabins and other facilities depends on the company which provides you the vessel. Normally, there is one captain to navigate the boat, two or three workers to handle the boat as per the captain’s order and to fulfill the needs and demands of the people and one or two cook to feed the people in the boat. However, the number of people working in the boat may vary, depending on the size of the boat and number of people. When you rent a cabin in gulet, the captains or the agency will decide where the boat will head to and which places to explore. They might consider some of your suggestions as well.

  • Private boat or yacht:

The other vessel that will take you to this journey is a yacht or private boat. The private boat is nothing but the gulet that you have booked as a whole for yourselves. This mean only you and the people you want will be using this boat. You will get the chance to spend the whole journey with the people you know and take the boat wherever you want to. You are the one to decide on the route that the boat will be undertaking. The other option is cabin charter in Turkey . Yacht and gulet are bit different. Yacht is much more comfortable and has many facilities. The only disadvantage of the yacht is that you won’t be able to explore the narrow or secluded areas with it. However, it also has many advantages. You can make new acquaintances throughout the journey.

It is up to you to choose the sailing vessel. You can either choose the vessel that will give you a taste of past or you can choose the vessel that will give you maximum comfort. No matter which vessel you choose, the chosen vessel will take you to the best journey of your life.

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Villas Bali: Staying Away from Overpriced Hotels

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Whenever someone plans to go on a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is his budget for the entire trip. That budget includes airfare, accommodation, food, and pocket money for souvenir shopping. If you usually have this kind of problem whenever you plan to visit another country, then you have come to the right place.


One of the key factors which affect the overall expenses is the actual destination where you plan to go. There are islands and places all over the world which require a wide range of budget. If you want to go to a place that isn’t too cheap, or too expensive, then pick Bali in Indonesia. You may check out some of its villas Bali and find out which accommodation packages suit your budget.

Most popular tourist spots have overpricing hotels and apartments because businessmen know there are going to be lots of travelers looking for a place to stay. On the other hand, less known destinations usually have cheaper rates. But if you prefer midrates, Bali is the ideal place.


Some people value luxury more than practicality. Because of this, they prefer hotels and apartments which seem to offer a lot but also require expensive rates. If you are on a tight budget, such villas Bali aren’t just the option for you.

On the contrary, there are decent hotels which offer all the necessary amenities and services, but would not make your pocket hurt. If you are looking for these villas, just consult the Internet.


There are a few villas in Bali which provide top-notch services and accommodation to their guests. Unfortunately, that is where all the good things end. Their rates are often unreasonable, and their personnel and staff are not genuinely courteous even to their own guests. As a result, fewer people avail their rooms.

If you are going to pick a decent apartment where you will stay with your friends or family, then you should be able to enjoy everything – from the services to the staff’s smiling faces. Being treated with kindness and hospitality is something money cannot buy.

There are also some hotels which bank solely on promotions and marketing in order to get guests. When you arrive in Bali, you would immediately see their banners, fliers, and other promotional materials almost everywhere. While there is nothing wrong with their advertising campaigns, you will soon understand why such hotels are not ideal.

First of all, these accommodation establishments would charge very high rates in order to recover from all the printing and publishing they did for the marketing collaterals. In some cases, guests would be led to believe that they are getting the finest services in the island when in fact they are just availing the most popular hotel around. There is a significant difference between the two.


The rates offered by hotels and villas Bali depend mainly on the factors mentioned above. In case you found a hotel that really values its guests and treats them fairly, then you have yourself a good bargain.

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