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How to Find the Tour Guide Job of Your Dreams

September 16th, 2011

How to Find the Tour Guide Job of Your DreamsHave you always dreamed of traveling to interesting places and getting paid to do so? As a professional tour guide or tour director, this dream can become a reality. But how do you get started as a tour guide? How do you find travel jobs? Where is work available for this type of work? Below are some helpful tips to help you find the tour guide job of your dreams.

What is a Tour Guide?

Before seeking a job in this field, you should have a clear understanding of the job and its requirements. A tour guide is not merely someone who leads a group of people around at a particular site. They are highly skilled at what they do. They understand how to communicate and work with people. They know the rules and expect the group to follow those rules. Tour guides study hard to learn all they can about the site or attraction so they can answer questions along the way. They understand the importance of safety and are trained to handle emergencies when they arise.

Types of Tour Guide Jobs

Tour guide duties vary according to the type of job. There are adventure travel jobs where you’ll go along with a group of travelers by bus or plane to adventurous places and remain with the group for the entire trip. With this type of job, you must study about many different sites and attractions in the destination area.

As a tour director for multi-day tours, you’ll be responsible for managing arrangements and services as well as providing relevant information and commentary. You might become a tour director for African safaris, mountain hiking, winery tours, walking tours – whatever your desire. » Read more: How to Find the Tour Guide Job of Your Dreams

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